Served 5:00 pm to close.


Oysters on the Half Shell* 15/28
with mignonette, house fermented hot sauce and manzanilla spritz
Oysters Bienville 16
with cremini mushrooms and Parmigiano Reggiano
Moroccan Clams 14
house chermoula spice and grilled bread
Half Dungeness Crab 18
with drawn butter and cocktail sauce
Mussels Frites 17
with fennel and curried aioli
Grilled Octopus 21
with green romesco, confit potato and espelette
Tempura Shrimp 14
with gochujang mayo and house kimchee


Radicchio 12
with Parmigiano Reggiano, Sicilian olives and garlic bread crumbs
Marcus’ Wedge 8
with blue cheese, bacon lardons, onion rings and sunflower seeds
Beets 9
with hazelnuts, creme fraiche
and hot honey
Simple Greens 12
with cucumber, red onion, and honey viognier vinaigrette
Summer Chop  12
with oil poached albacore, Parmigiano Reggiano,
white beans, six minute egg and cherry tomatoes


Linguini Primavera 18
with Italian butter, fava bean pistou, chanterelles and
English peas

Bucatini Amatriciana 17
with house guanciale and spicy tomato sauce
Manti 18
Turkish beef and lamb dumplings with garlic yogurt sauce and urfa pepper
Ravioli Quattro Formaggi 12/20
with heirloom tomato, preserved lemon and fried garlic
Macaroni & Cheese 14
Rigatoni 20
with Sunday gravy baby back rib ragu, and Parmigiano Reggiano

Prime Rib

Cascade Farms
Dry Aged for Thirty Days
with mashed potatoes, demi-glace
and fresh horseradish

Pollo Fritto per Chanukah

Tuscan fried chicken wings with lemon, artichokes,
rosemary and aioli

Tavern Burger*

with bacon, hazelnut romesco, iceberg, red onion, zucchini pickles and house American cheese served with frites and comeback sauce



Lucques Olives 8
Heirloom Tomatoes 7
with olio verde and Jacobsen sea salt
Warm Bar Nuts 8
with rosemary
Bacon Wrapped Dates 3ea
with almond and maple
Hush Puppies 7
with jalapeño butter
Lahmajoun Turkish Pizza 12
with beef and lamb, spicy red pepper and harissa yogurt sauce
Bone Marrow 15
with fried bay scallops and salsa verde


Head to Tail Salmon* 15
with red chimichurri creole spice and grilled lemon
Salmon* 27
with miso marinade and toasted nori
BBQ Chicken 21
with Alabama white sauce
Cider Brined Pork Chop* 26
with bacon jam and griddled johnny cake
Lamb T-Bones* 30
with Greek tomato salad and tzatziki
Steak Frites* 29
with wagyu teres major, truffle salt and aioli          
Flat Iron* 21
with demi-glace and shallot thyme butter
Wagyu Hanger* 20
with chimichurri


Roasted Padrons 11
with olive oil and lemon
Grilled Summer Squash 9
with basil mint pesto
Moroccan Cauliflower 9
with preserved lemon, green olives
and harissa cream
autéed Spinach 7
with garlic and lemon
Red Beans & Carolina Gold Rice 6
Griddled Yams 6
with cumin and maple
Mashed Potatoes 7
with demi-glace
Skillet Corn Cake 8
with jalapeño butter
Frites 4
with comeback sauce
Prime Rib 15


*The consumption of raw or undercooked meat, egg, & seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness.
Please note prices and availability are subject to change.